World Cancer Day – 4 February 2018

Wearing a pink wire-art beaded ribbon on Cancer Awareness Day in October every year is not going to prevent Cancer. It may show one’s solidarity with the cause, but there are more positive things with which one can align oneself. Symbols are empty unless we give them meaning.

Cancer is a subject close to many hearts because it affects us all in different ways. My friend and soul mate, Melany was diagnosed with breast cancer. Though a tumour was removed, she is undergoing aggressive chemo. My mind is in turmoil and keeps moving from silent surrender to begging that she be healed.

As I observed my friend, knowing that poison was running through her veins, I realised how ineffective it has been for me to wear my pink wire-art beaded ribbon every year in October. How delusional was my view that I was making a difference?

It was a humbling lesson. Awareness regarding prevention and early detection is vital to the success of treatment. We must educate ourselves and actively support patients and their families as they deal with the challenges that being diagnosed with Cancer brings. For some, even just the mention of the word is uncomfortable and appears to be an immediate death sentence.

There has to be more that can be done.

There are a number of organisations in South Africa that support, guide and educate people about Cancer. The one organisation that stood out for me, in particular, was Ryan Matheson‘s The Pink Table Project. Ryan’s personal dedication, care and passion for reaching out to individuals to make better nutritional choices truly struck a chord with me.

The Pink Drive provides mammograms, clinical breast examinations and pap smears in areas where residents cannot afford these necessities – and it’s all done free of charge.

The Pink Table Project is partnered with The Pink Drive, South Africa´s first and only Mobile Mammography and Educational Testing Units. Over 1000 people booked 80 pink tables, which were hosted at restaurants all over South Africa with the aim of raising R100 000, which would greatly assist The Pink Drive.

For World Cancer Day last year, The Pink Table Project focused on inspiring restaurants to make healthier choices while creating mouth-watering dishes. Healthy did not have to mean boring.

The Pink Table has now become a global initiative and it recently established a presence in Lebanon. An online restaurant guide was established as well which expanded into eight additional countries, allowing them to support eight additional Cancer Beneficiaries with Pink Table Fundraisers.

What is World Cancer Day?

A truly global event taking place every year on February 4, World Cancer Day unites the world’s population in the fight against cancer.

It aims to save millions of preventable deaths each year by raising awareness and education about the disease, pressing governments and individuals across the world to take action.

Why World Cancer Day is important

  • Currently, 8.8 million people die from cancer worldwide every year, out of which, 4 million people die prematurely (aged 30 to 69 years).
  • World Cancer Day is the ideal opportunity to spread the word and raise the profile of cancer in people’s minds and in the world’s media.

Source:  http://www.worldcancerday.org/about/2016-2018-world-cancer-day-campaign

I wish you enough,


About the author


She’s a silent wallflower - said nobody ever! I started writing as The Nocturnal Wenchy over twenty years ago.

I am the keeper of the white picket fence of many colours. Mom to many, and a third-time-lucky wife. I’m often asked when I am publishing a book as my blessed life has covered a multitude of sins. Someone had a knife, but then again … they had it coming!

As a self-proclaimed Social Media Diva with #wenchytude and purple hair, life is grand!


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  • Beautifuly written. This is a journey no one wants to travel, but with love it is a little bit easier

  • Such true words. Going without a bra or wearing a ribbon won’t stop cancer. It does create awareness and that does help. Walking this road with me as you do, makes such a difference to me. Thank you.

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