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It doesn’t matter if you’re from down under in Australia or from the frigid North Pole, everyone would agree that a good time with friends is what makes life beautiful, and when it comes to touring the world and site seeing then knowing where to go for a great time is quite important.

Hootananny Brixton


For us here in South Africa the heat can sometimes be unbearable, so we look to travel north when in need of a getaway and most of the time we end up in good old London, England. There, however, is one thing that slips our minds from time to time and that is what do we do when we’re not being a typical tourist? A lot of South Africans who move to London or just go for visit don’t always have people they know that side. So ask yourself, when you’ve walked the streets of London and seen the big attractions like Big Ben and the London Bridge then what’s the perfect way to end off the day?

What about watching some local entertainment and grabbing a cold one with the boys. That sounds perfect, right? So where does one go for such an exciting evening? Well, Hootananny Brixton is always a great choice. This lively venue is located in Brixton, and what makes it such a huge attraction is the beer garden and mouth-watering food that the venue offers. So take the delicious food and ice cold beer and add the live music entertainment and you’ll end up with the perfect evening. The live music can be seen throughout the week, but mostly from Wednesdays to Sundays, making the Hootananny the ideal place to visit any time of the week. The live entertainment includes something for everyone, from bands to stand-up comedy so stop by and see for yourself what’s going on.

The Camden Head


Another huge Londo favorite entertainment hotspot is The Camden Head. The Camden Head provides visitors and tourists with the real authentic London style restaurant experience. Famous for their Smokin’ Burgers, this venue is certainly a place to indulge oneself in. Acting as a restaurant, pub, and comedy club, The Camden Head deserves its spot on our must-visit list when traveling to London. The Camden Head is also a mere 5 min walk from Angel Tube station (Northern Line), making it so simple to travel to.

So final thoughts, for any South African citizen looking to move to London or just spend a couple of days there, don’t stress. The weather might be a bit cooler but the pubs, grub, and entertainment is guaranteed to put a smile on any South African’s face.

About the author

Riaan Beeslaar

Adriaan Gerhardus Beeslaar. Young South African male currently the owner and writer for Blue Monkey Magazine and also a writer for Anytime Anywhere Magazine. Adriaan, nickname Riaan is also the author of the young adult fiction book Firefly.
Born 1992 Riaan Beeslaar only discovered his love and passion for writing at age 23 in 2015 when he started working on his young adult fiction novel titled Firefly. Currently, a freelance journalist residing in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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