Skipping down to Stepping Stones

More often than not, we use a large commercial mall because of pure convenience. But those smaller strip malls, those with the personal touch are a great way to spend an afternoon with friends or family. Anytime Magazine decided to take some friends and skip down to Stepping Stones where all the stores are owner run and managed. Where everyone there raised their families and educated them with the income from that store. No big chains, no impersonal “who cares” staff. Just good and simple, but yet excellent service and big smiles where you arrive a stranger and leave a friend.

We first stopped at Senhor Jose for a spot of coffee and as a Portugese Restaurant, and it being morning, and the most gorgeous cup cakes from The Cake Lady. The cupcakes were beautifully decorated and tasted as good as they looked. For all cake orders or simply a decadent morning, stop by and grab a few!

Pure Tranquility Beauty Salon run by Kerryn and Lettie has a full service beauty salon from facials to massages and pedicures to eyebrow tints. We spent time chatting to Lettie during our pedicure. “I put my children through school and a roof over their head while being a partner in the Salon with Kerryn.

I have been in the beauty industry for over 21 years doing manicures and pedicures as well as acrylic nail”. Kerry did a 3 year Somatology Diploma with ITC and CIDESCO qualifications and with 10 years at Mount Grace behind her it was time to join Lettie in the Salon and enjoy time with her family.

The wonderful ambiance in the salon was tangible as the team from Anytime wandered in and out the salon while visiting the other stores nearby. Alongside the salon is the honey shop where you can select different honey infusions such as Rose Honey and Chilli Honey. If you thought honey was the same sugary honey you have always had, you are very wrong. Pop in and chat to Tersia at Mel’s Honey. Sitting outside their store in the tranquil surroundings of the centre, you can try different honeys and enjoy the moment.

Once we had completed the tasting and the salon, we moved onto having our blood tested by the Ozone Shop with Michelle.

And what a surprise it was. Our blood didn’t move and we were dehydrated. Michelle gave us some good advice and sent us on our way to have our hair done by Karen at Just Hair. She was really fun and we had a chat while we were made to look beautiful. She has a great Facebook page where she advises you on what hair colour is current and how to look your best.

On our way to enjoy lunch, we parked our cars at the Eco Car wash to have them looking as gorgeous as we would by the time we had finished lunch! And they wash your car using recycled water and very little of it too. Supporting them was a pleasure as they help save the environment as well as create job opportunities in the area.

It was time to wander through the Gracy’s nursery which is beautifully laid out and has the best gift shop this side of Johannesburg. Gracy’s started in Little Falls 6 years ago and it started as a coffee and gift shop. From plants to compost, from foil balloons to handmade crafts, Tom and Denise O’Brian are a one stop shop for, well just about anything beautiful.

Reluctantly we raised ourselves off the swing chair in the gorgeous sunshine and moved off to the Olive and Twist.

This hidden gem has not only a sports bar to watch rugby but a shaded play area for the kids, a sushi bar and an old fashioned verandah where the cool breeze blows under the nomad tent which covers this wide area.

The service was wonderful and the menu was large but catered for every need. We ordered some chilli chips, burgers and snails. And it wasn’t long before our meal arrived and we enjoyed every mouthful. It was hot, and a huge portion. Definitely worth every penny and not expensive either. Reasonably priced and nicely plated.

We sneaked a preview into the Herbalife store with Annene and she gave us a fright that her scale predicted we were obese and definitely our BMI was worth looking into and a diet was forthcoming. I think we will try that AFTER Christmas!

An entire day was well spent and we arrived at 9am! What a lovely day and when we finally collected our cars from the Econo Wash, it was after 4pm. I would highly recommend you take a day.


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Geniene Preston

I have travelled the world – almost 82 countries and has been in publishing since 2003. Before that I was an IT Project manager for over 20 years and woke up one day to the realisation that actually all I wanted to do was write. So I started my first magazine Style in IT which was, in essence, a newsletter. But I loved it and I started my own mouthpiece SA Commuter. I re-invented myself once Smart phones became popular and learnt Social Media so that I could be a pro at Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Now I could have fun instantly! My world has grown and includes reviews and with over 49000 followers on Trip Advisor I am in the top 1% of reviewers in South Africa. I am a true South African and a love of Johannesburg has kept me here since 1981. My stories are real and I love people and history! Now I publish Anytime Magazine in print and online as well as my blog, sacommuter.com

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