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Minimalism in Digital World

I still remember I used to write postcards to my father’s sister as she always used to say that I live in a village and the only communication I received is in the form of your letters and postcards. It was too important for her to get some means of knowhow of all of us as Telephones (lined connections) was not the luxury available to everyone. It was always her complain to my dad that I am not writing enough to her if I used to miss a monthly letter.

Now with the invention of latest technology, communication devices and smartphone apps, we are always connected to whomsoever we want. Now the irony is that we want to go back to the times, when communication was limited. It has become a stress by constant chirping of messangers, whatsapp or other notifications on our smartphones 24 by 7. This going back has led to the people looking for ideas and they have found the same in terms of self-sufficiency which in modern world is being called as Minimalism. The ideas is to shift your attitude from being a hoarder of materialistic things to using some but good products which you love.

We all have been following minimalism in our childhood when our parents used to buy us the sketch pens only when the last colour out of 12 is also over. It happened with me that I was using the same examination board for many years as it’s only being used every quarter once with the same Geometry box for the whole class and many times in the next class. It was kind of a restraint activity as all friends will be carrying new things and you are still rolling circles with your old compass. But in a way, it was a life of minimalism and being happy with what we have and taking care of what we have.

The Digital World does requires certain constraints and restraints which an individual needs to put. It’s far easier to say the same than actually done as you had this constant urge to check on the current affairs or any communication you are expecting. It’s also about the expectations you want from your social media posts, as in you have posted a picture on instagram and you think that’s your best so you constantly check how many likes and comments you have got on the same. This kind of vicious circle can develop anytime across any medium in the digital world.

Achieving minimalism in Digital world is to contain yourself to a single device which can fulfil the purpose you want it to. Secondly, will be to follow a timeline to read and reply to any form of communications not so urgent. Reduce the number of smartphone applications you use – check them while you standing in the queue or in your daily commute. Complete all digital tasks which can be finished in 2 minutes on the go like payment of bills, recharges etc. Use an app to keep the important information you always need so that you don’t waste time looking for it. Use technology to de-clutter other technology if you can’t uninstall. Continually recycle and reduce things you have not used in ages.

In the end, the idea is to keep what you really need and reduce what you don’t need at all. You will have to make a continuous effort to become a minimalistic in Digital world as data is dumped on you all the time by all the marketers, businesses, family and friends.

“How much does he lack himself, he who must have many things?” 
― Sen no Rikyū

 “Prose is architecture and the Baroque age is over.” 
― Ernest Hemingway

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Aashish Rai

I am Aashish Rai who is living the Life of Pi as I was born on 22 of July (22/7). It’s been up and downs but still I sailed through education phase of my life by completing Electronics Engineering and MBA in Finance. The Life’s Way is my creation to share and achieve something I could not do in my regular day to day job in IT sector. This passion started long back with social media rendezvous but blog came into shape on 27 Dec 2012. Last 5 years which #TheLifesWay has never been the same as I have won some awards and been part of several campaigns for many brands. Passionate about photography and technology, I love to travel, see new places, watch movies, play games and do everything I love to do. Never afraid to try something new, I am always curious to listen and learn.

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