Margate: A Nostalgic Journey

South Africa is a wonderful country and is a must visit country before you die because of it’s rich cultural heritage and towns which retains their ages old aura of living in old yet modern world. The coastline of South Africa spans from Indian Ocean to Atlantic Ocean which covers almost 2800 kms.

The country is lovely to drive around alongside ocean and you will always discover something new along the 2800 kilometers on both the sides. Small towns presents pure cultural legacy that has been left behind by its original natives and people who stayed along the coasts. These small areas will have small or little resemblances with the towns back in UK with the same names.

I always wanted to see the Indian Ocean but not from a perspective we have already seen in Maputo, Richard’s Bay, St. Lucia, Durban, Port Elizabeth and Knysna. These are wonderful towns but I wanted a more reserved, calm and relaxing holidays so I narrowed down on an old seaside resort town of Margate. Margate is around 130kms far from Durban towards Port Edward and 700kms far from Johannesburg. It’s the town where many of the SA locals have their holiday homes which can be rented via Airbnb.

“Traveling it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

Margate was named by Henry Richardson, an English Surveyor in 1908 and since that time the town has been a leisure location for natives as well as tourists from all over the world. It’s like a Mini-Miami with big tall buildings and apartments overlooking the Indian Ocean. Margate beach is an all year golden sand beach to relax and is a magnificent luxury to the eyes as it has a lagoon and a river named Nkhongweni. With many bars and restaurants nearby the place is generally crowded during the Christmas and Easter Seasons. Hibiscus Mall gives this small town the luxury of big cities with all the retailers selling their products to the tourists.

Margate is also said to be part of Hibiscus Coast due to its lush green vegetation and flowering shrubs. If you ever heard of The Greatest Shoal on Earth, it’s the place where it happens during June-July when hundreds of dolphins, sharks, fur-seals, game fish, whales and even sea birds all relishing on some millions of Sardines. This place does offers a lot of leisure and fun activities including hiking, sailing, snorkelling, surfing, angling and swimming. If tired from the seaside, you can have a scenic drive inland into the Oribi Gorge and the nature reserves. Overall, it’s a place where I would want to retire to relive a life full of joy and relaxation.

“The ideal is to feel at home anywhere, everywhere.” – Geoff Dyer, Paris Trance

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I am Aashish Rai who is living the Life of Pi as I was born on 22 of July (22/7). It’s been up and downs but still I sailed through education phase of my life by completing Electronics Engineering and MBA in Finance. The Life’s Way is my creation to share and achieve something I could not do in my regular day to day job in IT sector. This passion started long back with social media rendezvous but blog came into shape on 27 Dec 2012. Last 5 years which #TheLifesWay has never been the same as I have won some awards and been part of several campaigns for many brands. Passionate about photography and technology, I love to travel, see new places, watch movies, play games and do everything I love to do. Never afraid to try something new, I am always curious to listen and learn.

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