L-R Paul Harley, Gert (Jerry) Griessel, Jamie Hendry, Daz Roux

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JASPER DAN IS A FOURpiece Southern Rock band that’s busy revolutionising the rock music genre. The rock-loving musicians who make up the quartet are vocalist Jamie Hendry, who is also the band’s resident charmer, bassist Gert Griessel, known to all as Jerry, lead guitarist Daz Roux and drummer, Paul Harley. himself.

Jamie Hendry

Jasper Dan follow in the footsteps of many rock legends who write songs about the fast living life of rock musicians. Their compositions give meaning to the “fun” side of life. Using powerful lyrics, the band focuses on emotional images that remind listeners of good, memorable times making any time the right time to crank up some Jasper Dan sounds. The name Jasper Dan has an interesting history. Back when vocalist Jamie was still a youngster, his late father had a great sound system. As Jamie got older, he started going out with his mates and just before leaving the house, his Dad would always say: “Before you go, come and have a little Jasper Dan with me.” Jasper Dan was his father’s pet name for Jack Daniels, the famous Tennessee Whiskey that so many know and love. Jamie said that having a Jasper Dan with his old man became something of a tradition that was built on the quality time they spent together. And while enjoying a glass of Jack, they would listen to rock legends such as Lynard Skynard and Bob Seger.

So one night the guys were looking for a name for the band and Jasper Dan popped into Jamie’s head. Knowing the story of Jasper Dan, Jerry, Daz, and Paul all loved the idea, and so Jasper Dan the Southern Rock band was named. The band members still enjoy having a glass of Jack Daniels now and again because they enjoy spending “quality time” which they believe is a key to any type of relationship. Paul, Daz and Jerry also lost their fathers so it just shows how important friendship and time spent together truly is for the guys. A band isn’t just a group of talented musicians who play together, they’re a brotherhood of individuals all sharing the same dream.

This year will be big for Jasper Dan as they have their eyes set on playing at a number of South African festivals. Jamie also mentions that a few overseas clients have been knocking on their door – so one can expect some overseas interest and perhaps an international tour. A busy touring schedule will enable Jasper Dan sound to be heard in all corners of the country and there is the promise of plenty of new music and videos in the future.

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