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Durban July Fever!

“It Is Time” to unveil the 2018 Vodacom Durban July theme

Durban – Months of suspense and speculation has ended with the eagerly anticipated announcement of the theme for the 2018 Vodacom Durban July, and the “It Is Time” concept has been warmly received in racing, fashion and social circles.

“Every element of the raceday has the aspect of time attached to it,” explained Gold Circle’s Event Marketing Manager Ken Tweddell, “from the time used to select the right stallion for the perfect mare, to the preparation of the perfect yearling for the sales.

“From the time of the two-year-old’s first race, to competing as a seasoned contender in the “ultimate” race – the Vodacom Durban July, it is years of time focused on a race that lasts just over two minutes,” he added.

Tweddell said the theme explores the excitement of a thoroughbred winning the Vodacom Durban July and touches on the fashion element of raceday asking fashionistas and designers to create timeless fashion and to use the elements of a watch face to conceptualize their designs.

“I love this theme because time is so important for designers,” said Fashion Programme Director Tiffany Prior.

“Planning, preparation, fine tuning and last minute panic, that’s the journey designers go on each time they create something. Sometimes they give themselves time, but most times not.

“Looking at this theme in terms of fashion, I see three words that stand out – timeless, understated, and classic. Whatever the design, make sure it’s raceday appropriate and stands the test of time, as with some of the world’s greatest designers.”

Demand for the theme for the Vodacom Durban July has intensified since the turn of the new millennium, to the point where the theme has become an extremely important catalyst for stirring interest in the Vodacom Durban July raceday.

The theme is embraced by the thousands of people who attend the raceday at Greyville Racecourse and for the many hundreds throughout South Africa who hold raceday functions at home to celebrate what has become known as Africa’s Greatest Horseracing Event.

Decades ago the theme was described in just a few words. At some stage this developed into a short description of what was expected. Nowadays it has grown into a rather elaborate poetic description for inspiration for fashionistas, fashion designers, hospitality providers and racegoers.

2018 Vodacom Durban July theme
Years of planning . . .
Months of preparation . . .
Weeks of sharpening . . .
Days of fine tuning . . .
Hours of tension . . .
Minutes of anguish . . .
Seconds of panic . . .
. . . . a race against time!

One hundred and twenty two years,
To this extraordinary day.
An occasion for celebration,
Camaraderie and play.

A national hero,
The winner will be.
A champion forever,
An equine V I P.

The fashion is timeless,
Explore a watch face.
Understated or classic,
Or detailed like lace.

The buzz of excitement,
You might ask why!
Twenty past four,
First Saturday of July.

Africa’s Greatest Horseracing Event
The Vodacom Durban July.

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Photo credit – Game Plan Media

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