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ANYTIME Launch Party

WHAT A PARTY it was. 44 Stanley was packed to capacity with movers and shakers from a wide spectrum of businesses, plus of course, Geniene Preston, our publisher, and CEO Rudi Absil who had worked tirelessly to put this incredible publication together in just under 3 months from the birth of the concept. Preston and Absil love print. Together they have been involved in publishing 15 different magazines since 2004. “Anytime magazine is the start of a new journey merging South Africa with the UK,” said Preston in her welcoming address. “The road to the UK has been interesting because I have realised how much ex-pats miss home (SA). They may whinge about the crime but they have family here. When they talk about Joburg, when they watch the Springboks play – their hearts are still here. They are South African.”

“So we have created a magazine that will travel around the world eventually to all destinations where there are large communities of South Africans.” “We have an amazing team of contributors, some who have been in the industry for 50 years like Peter Feldman. We have commitment from everyone involved.” “We have extraordinary content. Our articles are long. We want to encourage our writers to stay with us. Everyone of them must benefit from the magazine. When you take advertising in our magazine, part of that money is going towards our contributors. The beauty of Anytime is that the advertising will go all over the world, and it is FREE for those who wish to grab a copy and read it.” “We wanted to do something different,” explained Absil. “You can see we are different. We are going to be right across the world. We are going to appeal to everyone from the business man to the student.”

“I am so proud to be assisting with the start-up of this magazine. I know it is going to be successful because of he passion behind it. There is nobody who has more passion than Geniene! I believe she is going to make it work.” Bayede red wine and Clemengold Gin were offered as the welcome drinks upon arrival at the door as guests wandered into the warm inviting atmosphere, which was further hyped up by the excitement from the journalists, me being one, who had contributed to the contents of the magazine. Hosting us at 44 Stanley, owner Larry Hodes said that he thinks the magazine is brilliant for two reasons: “First of all we are in it,” he says showing us the double page spread in the January issue, adding: “On a serious note I have been through the entire mag and checked out the content and I think it is going to be a hit.” Hodes extensive wholesome pub grub menu was hit too as we savoured his steak and chicken pregos plus burgers which were seriously delicious – my mouth is watering just thinking about them as I write this a month later.


Some of our guests attending the launch could not contain their enthusiasm when we asked them to comment on Anytime Magazine: “It is so great see South Africans getting involved in marketing and profi ling this country as a travel destination to the rest of the world,” said Sisa Ntshona, CEO of
SA Tourism, who added, “especially to fellow South Africans who now live abroad. The more visitors we have, the better our economy fl ourishes.” “The passion behind this magazine is what I think is really going to make it go places,” said Melane Osher of Indian Motorcycles SA. “It is a novel idea and I think that everyone is ready for this exciting mag.” “Anytime magazine and so needed in this country at the moment, said Martin Sweet, CEO of Primestars. “I think it is going to create a huge impression and a lot of nostalgia for people overseas.” “There are so many South Africans living overseas who only see the negative but they do not know about the wonderful entrepreneurial things that are happening. Anytime really touches this element in where SA is at. I feel so privileged to have been featured in the fi rst edition of the magazine.” “I am very impressed by the artwork in Anytime magazine,” said Vinothen Manikam from the Joburg Property Group. “it is vibrant, exciting and diverse.”

“This has been an awesome lauch event,” said Jacqui Mabusa, PR Manager, Silverstar Casino. “I really think that this magazine is going to work as it targets South Africans who no longer live here and I feel that is a winning formula. This magazine is going to rock!” “As I picked up the magazine I thought it was amazing and I am sure it is going to be very successful.” said Roy from Pawn Stars reality show. “I don’t drink but to this one I will drink to the success of Anytime Magazine.”


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