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We have a strong online coverage and each month once the magazine is out, we publish one article per day online which links directly to our social media.  When your article or ad is published on line, it is published across our platforms.


This is our online portal where we publish not only the stories we have published in the magazine but daily information and stories that did not make the magazine print run.  It also carries links to important information such as tube schedules for the UK and Gautrain Timetables for South Africa.  These will be available until the next update is out.

The magazine is not replicated on line. The same editorial is placed perhaps with some added info such as a review if we have a show that we have advertised, and some personal photos as well as published ones. It gives our contributors and advertisers a chance to add value after we have gone to print.

When published, the article is then published on our social media platforms listed below with their statistics.  This online website is connected to our site and has over 120,000 subscribers. Not only that but also connects all our contributors and their online blogs. So the reach is absolutely HUGE!!!!! I do not have access to their blog stats as that is an invasion of their privacy but they are as follows (and you have access to their social media platforms):

Our statistics from launch date of 29 November 2017 is as follows and will be updated on the 29th of each month thereafter:

From the 2nd of December Anytime Magazine has had 425000 impressions! #PassionPeoplePlaces

Social Media – Note Anytime was launched 29 November 2017

Facebook – Anytime Anywhere Magazine / UK Commuter / SA Commuter Magazine

Statistics up to 7 December 2017

Twitter (up to 7 December 2017)

@anytimemediasa – 245 Followers and following 550

@uksacommuter – 4023 Following 2252 Followers

Since focussing on the launch of Anytime Magazine, my twitter feed has not been as active as it normally is


UKSACommuter 195 Followers with 635 Following

No other data available as yet

AnytimeMedia SA116 Followers and 457 Following

No other data available as yet


Trip Advisor


SA UK Commuter – Channels and Playlist include A minute Review with Anytime and Anytime Magazine