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She’s a silent wallflower - said nobody ever! I started writing as The Nocturnal Wenchy over twenty years ago.

I am the keeper of the white picket fence of many colours. Mom to many, and a third-time-lucky wife. I’m often asked when I am publishing a book as my blessed life has covered a multitude of sins. Someone had a knife, but then again … they had it coming!

As a self-proclaimed Social Media Diva with #wenchytude and purple hair, life is grand!


Unarguable truth

  4h40 AM. Oh, the excitement! I slept through the “Come to Wenchy” hour. The dreaded and much loved 3h00 AM. In reflection, few...

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The Nocturnal Wenchy

 Year’s end is neither an end, nor a beginning, but a going on. ‘This the Season to draw up a list of unattainable goals to punish yourself...