Author - David Gemmell

In 2009, I wrote a book on rugby player, the late Joost van der Westhuizen; which became a number one best-seller, (…for +-10min). Thereafter I wrote the biography of Father Stan Brennon who buried Chris Hani – Colour Blind Faith. For a number of years, I had a column in Business Day called, ‘Fit for Business’ and for a period, a column in The Weekender newspaper interviewing sportsmen. I have written for The Daily Maverick and still occasionally do. I also write intermittently for BizNews, Alec Hogg’s online newspaper. My articles have appeared in SAWUBONA, FM, and numerous other magazines and I currently have a column in the Saturday Star, writing about Street People.

David Gemmell

The Rose Man

“SOMETIMES ON a Monday I don’t work,” he says apologetically. “How old are you?” A small, white-haired, wizened chap with two front teeth missing, he...