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Classifieds is not a great name for awesome, owner products. We are changing that and making it an incredible place to put your information and to get 2 pages of free editorial in every 12 month contract.

Column 1/3 Page special price per column (R4000 or GBP 250 once off and R3000 per month for a 12 month contract or GBP200) include – Each country has its own page). Please note that the example below is just that, an example!

We offer a range of wine and spirits a special page with only three columns and we have a maximum of 3 per issue. Our offer includes the full online and social media platform as well.

We also offer a full page at a discounted rate of R12000 (GBP 800) if advertising is in or around these pages. We offer 1 month free editorial for those advertising for a 12 month period and can be used for that special moment or launch during the year.


We offer a similar column to that above for entertainment across 4 pages including the UK which has its own page.

We offer books, videos, theatre, shows, games and many other forms of entertainment in these columns. As well as restaurants, lifestyle, music, drinks and small accommodation establishments. A great way for a large entertainment property to brand their property and give tenants a chance to advertise even if they do half page each.

A column contains the following:

  1. Brand logo, telephone number and website in the style which you require (I have given different examples in each column)
  2. Poster or graphic of the show that is being advertised including editorial describing the entertainment or product.
  3. Online review of the product by one of our respected contributors (client may select their reviewer)
  4. Online coverage of the product, full press release and poster in our this section with ongoing reviews for products that are launched or upgraded between deadlines.
  5. Maximum of 3 columns per page
  6. South Africa  – DPS for each category. 6 pages maximum
  7. UK – DPS


Visit our rates page on to complete the booking form now to avoid disappointment.