Rates are based on R15000 copies and prices are in Great British Pounds and ZAR. Prices are quoted monthly due to fluctuations in the R/$ rate.

Please Note

Whether you buy a campaign on line or a page of advertising, the rate is the same and all four options are included:

Added Value

  • 12 month contract includes 2 page editorial each issue
  • 2 Covers over 12 month period
  • 5% discount for every 3 months ie 15% for 12 months

Advertising includes

  • Online at www.anytimemagazine.co.za
  • Social Media
    • Twitter – @anytimemediasa
    • Facebook – Anytime Anywhere Magazine
    • Instagram – @anytimemediasa
    • Linked In – Anytimemagazine
    • Pinterest – Anytime Anywhere Magazine
  • Distribution/recycle Box (R2000 per box branded with SA Tourism and Anytime Magazine – monthly changes R700 per distribution/recycle box). These are placed in and around the Gautrain stations and OR Tambo/Cape Town airport

Please click below to place your order now! Please advise if your focus is online campaign or print as although you receive both, we need a high res PDF for print and all the links, video etc for your online campaign.

Please note payment is due on presentation of invoice unless otherwise arranged with accounts.