The Disty Box/Recycle Bin

Our Distribution box is very versatile. Not only is it stable but its unique design is as follows:

  •  Distribution Box

    • The wrap changes each month as our advertisers are on the outside as well as the cover
    • Advertisers may purchase the unit at an additional R2000 and each month the wrap changes for R1000 and their branding will be alongside the cover in the main section
    • These distribution boxes have specific areas and advertisers may select where their box is situated on our list of approved stations
    • It has a shelf close to the top where the magazines rest and underneath the shelf are the extra magazines.
    • Its modular and can be put into a small bag and stored between issues.
  • Recycle Box

    • The same distribution box is used for recycling except there is no middle shelf and the wrap is stablised with press studs to ensure no leakage of paper
    • Its used for magazines that are dog eared and is also available for newspapers and other clean paper material.
    • The box is emptied once a week by our recycling partner and the income goes  to help those recyclers that seperate plastic, paper etc from our home bins each month. We are negotiating with Pikitup currently to make sure these recyclers receive the funds to build proper trolleys and give them raincoats.
    • Cost per bin is R2000 and the wrap is changed monthly. Cost is increased for the wrap due to the studs being used R1250 per month